Philly.NET Code Camp

This past weekend I attended Code Camp hosted by philly.NET. This is the first event I’ve been to that’s primarily geared towards developers and not web or front-end designers. If you know me at all, you know I suffer from a healthy dose of impostor syndrome, so making the decision to attend this event was a big one. There were a handful of talks that I kept up with and understood what was being discussed, while others went right over my head. A fellow attendee made the comment to me that it said a lot that I showed the initiative to attend in the first place, so that helped me to not feel quite so much like an outsider.

David Voyles, a tech evangelist for Microsoft (if nothing else, I at least learned what what was!) spoke about numerous JavaScript frameworks and how he implements them into different projects. JavaScript is my next big hurdle to try to figure out, so it was reassuring to hear an experienced professional say how overwhelming the options can be with something new coming to the surface practically daily. He showed other useful tools in relation to device testing, optimizing code, and load testing.

Another thing I’ve been trying to get a hold on is Git - while I understand the concept, I haven’t used it for any large-scale projects as we have other version control software in place on my team. Chris Gomez did a great job at breaking down the language of Git - what it means to commit and what a commit is doing; master vs. current branches; cloning and forking and everything in between. 

The talk I related most with throughout the day was more about “soft skills” - Kathleen Dollard presenting about Team Effectiveness. She shared examples including research about how we are affected when our work is interrupted, what kind of music helps focus, and how we need to practice psychological safety on our teams. I left her talk with a list of resources and readings to follow up on in order to learn more about how to work more confidently on my teams.