Women in Tech Summit

The Women in Tech Summit in Philadelphia was a unique conference experience for me. I feel like one of a few women in the Central PA area who is involved in tech, and I’ve always been very envious of the community that Philadelphia has in that respect. This conference held many talks from women with much more experience than myself, which left me feeling reassured and with a good boost of confidence in myself and my capabilities. 

“You are the only person responsible for your career.”

A panel titled “Changing Lanes, Careers in Tech” hosted women with a variety of backgrounds and from different demographics which made their insight that much more interesting. They spoke about the differences between men and women in similar positions. The importance of being your own advocate and being able to manage up but also being able to surround yourself with your cheerleaders, those who believe in you. 

“You know more than you think you do. I wish I believed that earlier.”

I honestly didn’t take many notes during these two days of talks because they mostly consisted of women sharing their personal experiences in order to create a connection among us. Tools we could utilize, phrases we could borrow, and assurance in the feeling that we’re not alone in our thoughts were all my key takeaways from WITS.