SEO Training in NYC

I’ve been wanting to do a deeper dive into SEO and how I can leverage best practices to better do my job and I fell into a great training opportunity with Captivate Designs in New York City this past week. For two full days, Nicole McCullum showed me and another class participant the ins-and-outs of SEO and some real-world examples using our companies. 

I had heard of several of the tools previously and knew some vocabulary, but what to do with it all? How to apply it to being a front-end designer? As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the hot topic at most front-end conferences lately is page speed; and this training was perfect for showing me how I can do my part to assure that what I’m designing and building is the best it can be for the end user.

“Fix what’s broken first, before taking additional steps to improve SEO.”

I left the training able to put together a findings report for my team on what I learned we could improve, approximate timelines, and some competitive data. I have goals set for what I will improve throughout our CMS migration project and what I hope to see fixed in the short- and long-term. We received a lot of information, but I’ve gained a lot of confidence in knowing what aspects of SEO are in my wheelhouse and what our team may need to rely on specialists for.