Godfrey Marketing

Over the four years I was on-board at Godfrey, one constant was that I was an integral part of our marketing team. I learned our brand inside and out and through competitive analysis and user testing tried to grow it over time visually and create a cohesive design system that was applied across the company. Below are a few examples of branding pieces.

Role: Designer

Social Media Graphics: I worked closely with our Marketing Manager to produce content for our social networks. Below are examples of micrographics that corresponded with our Marketing to Automation & Controls Engineers Guide.


Monthly E-News: I also collaborated with our Marketing Manager to produce our monthly e-news. We used a variety of email marketing platforms over time including Marketo, Listrak, and Sharpspring. I created templates and styles for each so that content could be easily populated by others.

Through these platforms, I also learned a great deal about marketing automation and segmentation for our email audiences. 


InDesign Templates: We had a variety of proposals, guides, and other long-form content that required a consistent template that also felt modern and aligned with our branding. Below is an example of one of our pre-proposal guides that are available on the website for those interested in learning more about Godfrey's offerings.


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